Manual Design & Illustration

Design and illustration for three levels of reference manuals that augment in-person training for therapist certification program.

  • Myotherapy uses trigger point manipulation and exercise to mitigate pain and facilitate freedom of movement. Bonnie Prudden was an early fitness pioneer, expert rock climber and mountaineer who developed techniques taught to certified Myotherapists.

    After Bonnie’s passing, other leaders of the Myotherapy program needed to update their training materials, which were often photocopies of photocopies of hand drawings.

  • A complete re-imaging of the multi-level refrence series manuals.

    • Create anatomical illustrations in Adobe Illustrator
    • Establish standard page layouts with a clear information hierarchy
    • Retouch and re-tone photographs as needed
    • Deliver manuals in PDF format for easy printing
    • Enhanced brand reputation and better long-term reference guide for students.
    • Each student now receives a freshly printed original manual with easy to follow illustrations and photos to accompany in-person or online training.
    • Client relies upon Altisima to update manuals as techniques evolve.