The Image Maker website is an online marketing resource for customers

Indirectly Build Your Brand

Customers that build their business around your products provide a unique opportunity for you to strengthen your own brand.

The Challenge: Build your brand by building your customer’s brand.

Customer Background: Hospitals and Imaging Centers operate in competitive environments. When new technology is acquired, they need to communicate about it effectively to their referring physicians, community leaders and patients. Since Diagnostic Imaging equipment is capital intensive, healthcare institutions need to begin generating revenue upon turnover of the equipment. Immediately effective marketing campaigns help assure appropriate patient volumes to meet the financial and community service goals of the institution. Some customers need detailed assistance and consulting, others just need access to basic assets, like press releases and photos.

Company Background: Market share for Toshiba Medical products in the US was stagnant at the start of this program. Competitive customer marketing offerings tended to be cookie cutter approaches that highlighted the competitor’s brand more than the customer’s.

Insight: To grow, gain more visibility and credibility at the local level.

Strategic Approach: Develop Image Maker, an award winning flexible marketing tool kit to help customers market their new diagnostic imaging products to their community.

Inside Image Maker Pro Kit Physical Image Maker Kit Directs to Online Assets

Tactical Implementation:

  • Construct a funding stream for Image Maker by integrating the program within product pricing structures
  • Create a website for access to marketing assets and tutorials, including an e-commerce back-end for secure ordering
  • Produce a series of standard advertisements, pamphlets, press releases, premium items, and other materials that could be customized as needed for customer’s use
  • Write a series of marketing tutorials to educate marketing representatives who may lack expertise or experience in key areas
  • Create a multi-level program:
    • Image Maker Express ‑ basic marketing materials available at no cost to all existing customers
    • Image Maker Pro – access to full customization services, raw materials and professional consulting
  • Establish the Image Maker Dollars co-marketing program to reimburse Image Maker Pro customers for local media expenditures
  • Continually monitor and improve the program


  • A steady increase in company market share and customer satisfaction scores during the implementation period
  • Image Maker Pro packaging receives the Printing Industries Association of Southern California Award of Excellence

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