Trade show attendees interact with award-winning touch screen display

Touch Screen Increases Trade Show Engagement

One of the enduring questions in trade show marketing is how to engage visitors so they memorably connect with your brand. In this example, new technology replaced old display methods with productive and award-winning results.

The Challenge: Eliminate old lightboxes and develop an alternate method of clinical image display that engages Radiology trade show attendees.

Background: In Radiology, traditional X-ray film has nearly been eliminated by electronic images. Many imaging companies make PACS systems that can view images from multiple technologies and use these to demonstrate electronic images within their exhibits. However, because this company did not make a PACS system, a different approach was required.

Insight: Touch technology is becoming the preferred interface and Radiologists readily explore new approaches.

Strategic Approach: Using existing technology, design a dynamic, touch screen display that functions as a digital lightbox.

Tactical Implementation:

  • Replace multiple large, heavy lightboxes with HP Touchsmart, self-contained computers
  • Touch, pinch, and swipe interface to displays and navigates clinical images
  • Navigation interface complements interface of a companion interactive and facilitates rapid access to images from all company product lines
  • XML database allows easy content update
  • Custom screen saver encourages attendees to approach and interact with the screen
  • Pre-show training facilitates staff adoption and familiarization with content

Award Winning Interactive Clinical Lightbox


  • Increased average time in the exhibit to 20 minutes
  • Reduced production and exhibition costs by 20%
  • Post-show global distribution for a consistent worldwide brand experience
  • Recognized with a 2010 Telly Award

Both the sales team and trade show attendees enthusiastically embraced the new approach. The program was utilized at subsequent trade shows and set a standard that even competitors later adopted.

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