Adding a simple product selector helps simplify brochures

Simplifying Tools for Complex Products

The benefits of complex products often need to be simplified so both customers and sales teams clearly understand the impact of the technology on their business.

Challenge: Increase sales engagement and product confidence.

Background: Advanced X-ray systems help physicians perform catheter angiography to visualize and repair blocked blood vessels throughout the body. The selling cycle for these products can be lengthy, and typically involves multiple touchpoints before the sale is consummated. Initial prospecting is often performed by sales generalists who must have working knowledge of the company’s entire product portfolio. Subsequent sales calls often involve product specialists and focus on specific technological or process issues.

Due to physician preferences, and the wide variety of procedures performed, these advanced systems are available in multiple configurations. Historically, each product configuration for the client was represented by its own brochure, which increased costs and resulted in overly redundant brochures. Since the sales team had to wrestle with multiple brochures, they viewed the product line as overly complicated and were not as motivated to sell this high value product line as they should have been.

Insight: Simplification yields clarity

Strategic Approach: Unify multiple product brochures into a single product family brochure that can be used by all levels of the sales team.

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Tactical Implementation:

  • Determine features and benefits which are common to all system configurations
  • Simplify messages to focus on highly differentiated features and benefits
  • Unify common features and benefits into logical spreads
  • Create a simple product selector which allows the customer to choose configurations based on their needs
  • Build PowerPoint presentations consistent with brochure information flow
  • Give the sales team additional reasons to call on the customer by augmenting the product family brochure with simple collateral which focuses on a single product attribute


  • The business unit exceeded sales goals the year the brochure was introduced and met sales goals the following year, despite a down market
  • Reduced brochure production costs by 75%
  • Enthusiastically received by the sales team
  • Expanded the family brochure concept to a complementary line of X-ray products which was also well received by the sales team

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