A new group of salespeople become a team

Using Events to Build Winning Teams

Internal events can be as important to an organization’s success as customer-facing events. In the right environment, sales events can build and motivate strong teams that deliver outstanding results.

The Challenge: Create cohesion in a sales team assembled from disparate organizations.

Background: A company was growing its sales organization with recruits from a variety of different companies. To become an effective team, it was important to establish a strong sense of corporate culture while providing common, consistent education. To achieve aggressive sales targets, it was also necessary to provide the sales team with appropriate motivation.

Insight: Shared experiences create shared memories.

Executives were fully engaged in sales meetings Engaged Executives for Greater Sense of Connection and Meeting Success


Strategic Approach: Institute a program of annual national sales meetings to deliver education and networking opportunities, while creating an incentive program to instill competitive fire.

Tactical Implementation:

    • Engage and involve executive team leaders
    • Gain insight into field needs by soliciting input prior to each meeting
    • Develop a strong set of objectives and clear agenda for each national sales meeting
    • Create a thematic approach around which to build the content for each meeting
    • Coach executives and presenters to assure delivery of polished, concise presentations
    • Include team building elements in each meeting
    • Vary meeting location and format each year
    • Create annual sales recognition program with incentive trip for top performers
    • Communicate program guidelines and rewards through year-long program promotions
    • Vary the destination each year and announce the trip at the annual national sales meeting
    • Provide best-in-class customer service for the incentive trip to promote the company’s emphasis on customer satisfaction
    • Create once-in-a-lifetime trip activities to build word-of-mouth within the organization
    • During the incentive trip, hold meetings to solicit business input from top sales performers
    • Conduct post-event surveys for both the national sales meeting and incentive program to assure continuous improvement


Summit sales meeting theme Thematic approaches help coalesce ideas



  • 300% market share growth
  • Industry recognition as the leader in customer satisfaction year after year

The outstanding execution of these events strengthened the sales team’s perception of the company’s brand and increased their confidence during sales calls. When top performers returned from their incentive trip they shared their superlative experiences with others, which had a positive impact on sales performance and recruitment.

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