Presentation screens can be seen behind the scrims at Union Station

An Event With Historic Significance

Events should be appropriately matched to their purpose. Over producing or under producing an event can have a negative impact on your brand. The right venue and production values at an event can amplify your message and impact on the market.

The Challenge: Create an educational event with dramatic market impact

Background: A breakthrough new product was being launched at a medical trade show in Chicago, but there were no scientific papers on the technology being presented at the meeting. Potential buyers needed to understand the impact the technology could have on their community’s healthcare. An educational evening event, featuring seminal users of the technology was planned.

Insight: Historic locations can elevate the perceived significance of an event.

Strategic Approach: Create and aggressively promote an event with two environments in one. One for education, one for networking.

Union Station Entrance Branded entry set the tone for the launch event at Union Station

Tactical Implementation:

  • Chicago’s historic Union Station was selected as a venue due to its space and significance
  • Create a reception area large enough to comfortably accommodate a large audience
  • Create an educational space, with large stage and screens, separated from the reception space with scrims
  • Promote the event through print, online, and personal invitations
  • Require online pre-registration for the event to assure attendance by the appropriate audience
  • Design audio reinforcement to assure the educational event can be clearly heard in a space that fills with echoes
  • Prepare and rehearse presenters, who may not be used to a large stage and large crowd
  • Track attendees using RFID and report their names back to tradeshow management, as required
  • Transport attendees to and from the event in buses that played a soundtrack explaining the historic significance of Union Station
  • Create a script for the evening’s emcee that embraces significance of the historic location
  • Start the evening with a dining reception, then move the crowd into the educational space within the same hall
  • At the conclusion of the educational section, move the crowd back into the reception are for desert, coffee and discussion before they depart


  • Multiple Product of the Year awards for the product launch
  • Brand awareness doubled the following year
  • Achieved product launch year sales goals

The emotional and historic impact of this event had a big impact on brand perception and solidified the company’s new, prominent role in the market.

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