Spread ads like this helped dramatically increase product market share

Creativity Builds Market Share

When your new product has entrenched competition, it can be difficult to effectively gain substantial market share. A creative approach with superior execution may be just what the doctor ordered.

The Challenge: Build market acceptance and grow share for a new medical technology.

Background: High technology medical equipment is typically installed in teaching hospitals before it is widely adopted throughout the healthcare system, but gaining access to those teaching hospitals can be difficult due to existing, long-term relationships. Gaining credibility for a new multi-detector CT product, without having the benefit of installations at many teaching hospitals, was a critical obstacle to overcome.

Insight: Clinicians were hungry for information from any credible source with experience on this new technology.

Strategic Approach: Use leading industry publications to deliver a long-term, high impact advertorial campaign to announced the company as a major player, gain credibility and increase sales.

MDCT article sample


Tactical Implementation:

  • Develop a series of spread ads which appeared advertorial in nature
    • The left side of the spread carried content derived from a current user of the technology, delivering insight into its use
    • The right side of the spread was a traditional single-page ad which complemented the left side of the spread or could be used as a stand-alone ad when required
  • Deploy a carefully timed and sustained series of magazines titled Clinical Advancements in Multi-Detector CT which were delivered in tandem with leading industry publications
    • The magazines were edited and published in-house
    • Issues featured panel discussions, case studies, and articles authored by physicians as well as company employees

Results: A steady rise from single digit market share in the CT category to 20% share and new respect for the corporate brand.

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