HD screens set the stage for an engaging presentation

Using Exhibits To Improve Market Perception

When a company is poised for growth, exhibits at major trade shows present unique opportunities for companies to position their brand. Delivering a confident, memorable brand experience requires a knowledge of the market environment and target audience.

The Challenge: Visibly position your company for future growth.

Background: In many industries, there is one particular exhibition that carries significant marketing weight. In Radiology, it is the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), one of the largest medical meetings in the world. In 2005, Toshiba was in the middle of a growth spurt. Unique technology and new management was leading to significant, sustained growth. New exhibit approaches were required to enhance the company’s brand image and position it for future growth.

Insight: Radiologists are technologically aware and visually sophisticated, since they make their living closely analyzing images. 1080 HD television sets were new on the scene and attracting a lot of attention.

Strategic Approach: Create a dynamic exhibit environment that exudes energy, confidence and competence.

Clinical Images

Tactical Implementation:

  • New exhibit design features 30 HD monitors to support product demonstrations in 2 different areas
  • Live presentations heavily utilize clinical images to draw in Radiologists for a closer look at the image—and the company
  • Orient HD monitors to attract traffic from McCormick Place concourse (exhibit was placed at the front of the North Hall)
  • New ‘ribbon’ header ties into new corporate branding, and dynamically ties together exhibit
  • Ambient music throughout the exhibit enhances energy and excitement
  • Staffing consultants work the exhibit to help the sales team engage with customers
  • Aggressive pre-show promotions assure product interest
  • Sponsor meeting lanyards using ‘Toshiba red’ for name recognition throughout the hall


  • Accelerated market share for the next four years and sustained leadership in customer satisfaction
  • The red lanyards were so highly visible, that show management would no longer sell them as a sponsorship opportunity
  • In contrast to Toshiba’s HD monitors, which drew attendees closer to the exhibit, a competitor across the aisle used a large LED wall which was too bright and served to keep attendees away from the front of their exhibit

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