Central location of launch product provided exposure to other products

Product Placement Makes The Difference

When placing products inside exhibits, there isn’t any off-the-shelf formula for success. Each company and each trade show is unique. The market environment, attendee demographics, product development cycle, hall layout and company brand all factor into the decision-making process.

The Challenge: Use new product launch to elevate all product lines.

Background: In a multi-product line exhibit, a new product being introduced was certain to generate substantial traffic but each product line wanted their product to be in the front of the booth. Product management for the new product wanted to highlight their product, while management for other products didn’t want theirs to get overshadowed.

Insight: Customer-focused, retail planning transfers to the exhibit hall

Strategic Approach: Place the new product at the center of the exhibit, surrounded by other product lines.

Traffic Flow

Tactical Implementation:

  • Educate product teams about retail merchandising patterns and how they can work in an exhibit space
  • Utilize video monitoring data from previous trade shows to educate the team about traffic patterns
  • Create excitement in every product section with unique visual or live presentations in each section
  • Place the new product at the center of the exhibit so the edges of the product area touch every other product area
  • Replace exhibit carpet with aisle carpet in a pattern that draws attendees into the exhibit space
  • Strategically place other products so attendees will have to walk past them on their way to or from the new product
  • Educate booth staff at pre-show training to assure understanding of exhibit traffic flow


  • Increased traffic in every section of the exhibit
  • Market share increases in 3 of 4 product lines the following year
  • 45,000 booth visits from a pool of 23,000 professional attendees
  • Each product line experiences a brand recognition boost the following year

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