Premier Issue of Insight e-Newsletter

Customizable eNewsletter Connects With Customers

Maintaining customer relationships is critical to the long term success of any brand. In recessionary times, when purchasing cycles lengthen, it’s even more important to maintain customer connections so when they’re ready to purchase, your brand remains at the top of their list.

Challenge: Help field sales maintain customer relationships during a recession.

Background: Healthcare change was prominent on the national agenda. Customers and prospects were anxious to understand how Toshiba could help them be more efficient and effective, but new rules made it more difficult for sales representatives to call on physicians and healthcare professionals inside a hospital.

Insight: People open e-mails from people they know.

Strategic Approach: Instead of the typical corporate newsletter, create an eNewsletter which could be customized by each sales representative and sent to their customers under the sales reps name.

Tactical Implementation:

  • Develop the editorial calendar, contract with outside writing resources and produce templates for Insight, a monthly electronic newsletter with standardized content and a customizable column for sales representative comments
  • Feature stories focus on patient care and clinical efficiency gains using company technology
  • eNewsletter teases link to the full version on the web
  • Web newsletter configured on WordPress to facilitate future social media diaologue and mobile viewing
  • Past eNewsletter articles archived online
  • Comprehensive rollout plan ensured field training, list uploading and ongoing support
  • Field sales personnel see typical e-mail open, bounce and click rates for each issue
  • Field management and corporate communications monitor individual and total program statistics
  • Solicit feedback and constantly improve the program based on user and customer comments


  • Enabled key product lines to sustain or improve market share
  • Rapid field adoption, which helped the program meet or exceed Key Performance Indicators
  • Web newsletter achieved highest page views on the company’s website
  • Anecdotal field comments like “I just got an e-mail note back from a CEO that I haven’t been able to make contact with in months!” assured enthusiastic management endorsement

Excellent feedback from customers and sales representatives sustained the program and yielded adjustments to further align content with customer needs.

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