A large crowd watches the Telly award winning launch presentation

An Award-Winning Trade Show Product Launch

Trade shows are great venues to launch new products. Most companies know this, which is why there can be so much competition for the attention of the attendees and press. Generating a buzz at the show is often the key to success.

The Challenge: Launch a new product, which has high expectations, at a trade show.

Background: A product had been discussed and previewed in the market for over 5 years, setting high expectations for the product. A specifications change to the product would help gain the attention of the market, but the launch needed to live up to the expectations set over the past 5 years.

Insight: People like to be part of something special.

Strategic Approach: Create a sense of surprise and excitement about the new product while exuding confidence and pride. Keep product specification secret until the launch at the trade show.

Technology demonstration

Tactical Implementation:

  • Assemble a cross-functional launch team with key members signing non-disclosure agreements
  • Create pre-show messaging to attendees and exhibit staff, without revealing true system specifications
  • Reveal specifications in the booth the first morning of the trade show, followed by a press conference the next day
  • Place the new product at the center of the exhibit to draw the audience into the space
  • Create high impact presentations to explain the new technology (received Telly award)
  • Produce and aggressively promote an evening educational event featuring respected users of the technology
  • Carefully time advertising, microsite, and at-show billboards to be revealed at the opening of the show
  • Sponsor meeting bags, taxi toppers and receipts to assure high level brand recognition
  • Train exhibit staff the day before the launch
  • Follow up the launch with a comprehensive post-launch marketing plan


  • Achieved product launch sales goals
  • Multiple Product of the Year awards
  • Trade Show presentation received a Telly award
  • 45,000 booth visits from a pool of 23,000 professional attendees
  • Brand recognition doubled the following year

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