Xario, heroic ultrasound

A Heroic Product Launch

When introducing a new product into a crowded market, sometimes the most important challenge is to get noticed. Creative approaches, executed well, can make the difference.

The Challenge: Breakthrough a crowded market to gain visibility for a new product.

Background: Ultrasound is a relatively low cost diagnostic imaging technology and is very reliant upon the operator, typically a Sonographer, to acquire the image. The Sonographer is a key participant in the decision making process, but is often overshadowed by clinicians, so most manufacturers do not direct campaigns toward them. As a relatively low market share player, the company needed to gain traction for Xario, their new ultrasound product with a curious name.

Insight: People want to be heroes in their job.

Strategic Approach: Develop an integrated campaign in which the Sonographer is a hero by using a new ultrasound machine.

Xario Intro Ad The print ad that introduced the successful Xario, superhero campaign

Tactical Implementation:

  • Introduce Xario as a superhero character through a comic book that contains a series of adventures right out of the daily life of a Sonographer
  • Roll-out the concept at the industry’s largest trade show through an integrated campaign which included booth graphics, pre-show advertising, direct mail, airport signage, taxi-toppers and taxi-receipts
  • Produce serialized, animated web episodes that bring the comic book to life
  • Each episode highlights a specific technology benefit
  • New sales collateral produced and distributed to the field in advance of each episode
  • Gain high visibility by securing online sponsorship of an ultrasound community on the industry’s most prominent website
  • Generate leads through ‘Refer-a-Friend’ and a free Starbucks coffee card give-away
  • Increase sales leads by integrating Xario into vertical trade shows through custom ‘Take your photo with a superhero’ promotions

Results: 325 systems sold, representing over $27 million in revenue. After the successful initial launch, the product subsequently achieved top customer satisfaction ratings four years in a row.

The campaign required the coordination of several different agencies, artists, programmers, etc. to execute. Everyone involved had a great time…and it shows!


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