Product Launch

Guests gathering for the product launch symposium at Chicago's historic Union Station

An Event With Historic Significance

Event Marketing

Events should be appropriately matched to their purpose. While over or under producing an event can have a negative impact on your brand, the right venue and production values can amplify your message and market impact.

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A large crowd watches a launch presentation

An Award-Winning Trade Show Product Launch

Trade Show Exhibits

Trade shows are great venues to launch new products. Most companies know this, which is why there can be so much competition for the attention of the attendees and press. Generating a buzz at the show is often the key to success.

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Placing the launch product at the center of the exhibit paid off for other product lines

Product Placement Makes The Difference

Trade Show Exhibits

When placing products inside exhibits, there isn’t any off-the-shelf formula for success. Each company and each trade show is unique. The market environment, attendee demographics, product development cycle, hall layout and company brand all factor into the decision-making process.

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A unique approach helped a new product connect with the market

A Heroic Product Launch

Integrated Marketing

When introducing a new product into a crowded market, sometimes the most important challenge is to get noticed. Creative approaches, executed well, can make the difference.

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